Pristine Derma Care Review

pristine derma careThe biggest worry of old age is that everything degrades, including your skin. It doesn’t matter how good you eat or how well you live but wrinkles are a women’s enemy and they are permanent!

Thankfully, I found my solution – Pristine Anti Aging Serum.
What is it?

Pristine is a serum with concentrated ingredients that block the ability of the skin to get creased and form wrinkles through

  1. Collagen improvement
  2. Nourishment and hydration of skin
  3. Prevention of radical damage

Pristine Anti Aging Serum


Polymoist PS (peptide)

How Does the Serum Work?

Polymoist-PS is a peptide that firms the face. It improves hydration in the layers of the skin so the skin doesn’t lose hydration to environmental factors. Also, this hydration enables the connective tissue to stay stronger and make the skin cells repair well, stick together. This improves the collagen product which tends to dilute with the growing age. It decreases the visibility of wrinkles with the tightening of pores and filling of creases and lines. Due to the collective reaction of this change in the layers of skin, collagen is produced and development of wrinkles is refuted.

pristine derma care how does it work

When to Expect Results?

It will take about a month and sometimes long if the wrinkles are too old and strong.


Using it every day is enough to make your skin supple. Additionally, a healthy diet with ample antioxidants should be taken.


  1. Great results for the skin
  2. Improves natural hydration
  3. Boosts the quality of skin cell repair ability, curbs radical damage
  4. Is great at warding off environmental damage
  5. Blocks any spots appearance, evens the skin tone
  6. Provides fast wrinkle blocking results



Doctor’s Opinion

Actually, it was my dermatologist who gave me this serum to use when during our last wrinkles consultation.

Other’s Oopinion

Numerous feedbacks from real women who have used it are available at genuine review website. As a matter of fact, those feedbacks inspired me to write about my experience as well.

Pristine Anti Aging Serum review


My Final Words

I love using Pristine. It is great and has never felt my face feel greasy or oily. Moreover, my spots from the face have just disappeared. I look great and my wrinkle-less face at 46 age gives me so much confidence. It is absolutely lovely and I would recommend using it to everyone because it is great for all skin types and removes worry lines, crow’s feet quite fast.

Things I Don’t like about it

I’d really like to find the serum at retail shops.

What are the Risks?


Free Trial

Trial bottle is send through shipping via online orders and the bottle is for 2 weeks.

order Pristine Anti Aging Serum

Where to Buy?

Online order facility for Pristine Anti Aging Serum is given at the website.

pristine derma care review


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